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Streaming me attempting to..solo the Tower of Nightmare. xD

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What if tea could talk and it was really rude



I think it’s time to go to sleep

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Thank you everyone who donated to Extra Life!

I made $135 out of my $100 goal, and the rest of my team got past their $150 goal! Though I stopped early and plan on finishing up my last 12 hours another day, I think a few other guildies of mine are still going strong and still collecting, so try and support them if you can.

Over $3 Million was made for the kids overall by the whole organization.

So thank you everyone who spread the word, donated, participated, or even watched a lot of us streaming! This is proof that gamers can change the world for the better. :)

Keep on gaming everyone!

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I’m Gaming for Donations for my local Children’s Hospital!


So hey guys! I’m participating in Extra Life, which I’m starting now, to donate money to children by doing what I do best - gaming!

So I’m going to be liveblogging my gaming experience until I take my breaks (since I can’t really do 25 straight hours of gaming all at once), and I’m going to be petitioning people on my blog to help me reach my goal of 100 dollars to give to the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital.

A lot of these kids are dealing with a lot of scary stuff, and one way I can help is by doing what I love! Which is awesome. So I’m going to be playing on Funcom’s Team, raising money for children while playing The Secret World. Be prepared for lots of updates, and please give thought to donating, or perhaps signal boosting this so the word can get out (and even more people can join in gaming with their favorite game for children’s hospitals!)

Because no child should be alone and scared with no support.

signal boost!

Hey guys! The ‘official’ playing period is over for Extra Life (with a whopping 3.4 million dollars donated, holy shit!), but I’m still continuing my playing for it since I started late! You can still donate to help my local children’s hospital! ; u ;

Hey guys, I’m continuing my shenanigans another date, and I appreciate all the help everyone’s been to me.

So please support another within the Tumblr community for Extra Life!

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Streaming on TwitchTV for Extra Life! 25 hours of gameplay. Jooin!

Streaming .Hack//Infection for Extra Life!

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Streaming on TwitchTV for Extra Life! 25 hours of gameplay. Jooin!

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Whenever your faith in people is lost, remember these pictures.

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Guild Wars 2 - And EXTRA LIFE!

If you would like to back me personally, please Click Here! I am 85% towards my personal goal and need just $15. I will be streaming all day along with some of my team mates as well.

Otherwise, please donate to one of my Team Mates instead.


Date: Saturday, November 2 ~ Sunday, November 3.
Times: 8 AM ~ 8 AM
Where: Anywhere in the world! Online or otherwise.

TEAM GOAL: $100.00 / $150.000
More Information here!

The Tyrian Apple Company is here to bring the greatest apples in all of Tyria to you! But now, apart of the Tyrian Charity Foundation, we need YOU for help.

Just like how the Seraph need donations for their troops, or the Vanguard Hospital needs donations to fight off the Blacklung Plague, we here at the Tyrian Charity Foundation are looking for donations to help children in need. No, not at the Queen’s Heart Orphanage. At Children’s Medical Hospitals all across the states!

We’re gamers from across the globe, primarily Guild Wars 2 players, who are raising money. So quit killing those Elder Dragons and come in for a whisper.

Each of us has chosen our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital where thousands of children are treated each year, regardless of their family’s ability to pay. These kids are facing scary stuff like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and injuries from accidents to name just a few.

On November 2, 2013, we (along with many others apart of Extra Life) will be gaming for 25 hours straight from 8 AM (starting from each of our respective members’ timezones) Saturday until 8 AM Sunday - November 3rd.Before then, we are looking for a monthly pledge or a one-time donation that’ll go directly to each member’s chosen children’s hospital.

Your donation is tax-deductible (if any of you nobles out there are worried), and ALL OF THE PROCEEDS will go to help the kids.

If you can’t donate? That’s perfectly fine. We just ask that you spread the word to others. Or even better - participate with us! Join us. Watch our Twitch TV links - which will be on the site. Play games with us even and keep usup on that day.

Any little bit helps, and we can’t do this without your help.

Please visit our team page here for more information.
~> <~

On behalf of the Seraph, the Peacemakers, of all the Orders of Tyria, and everyone else,

Thank you for taking on this quest.

The kids appreciate it!

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